Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dedicated To Sophie

Guess what did i received when i got home? 

A letter from Sophie!!

I was so shocked, because i thought it was like some belated New Year wishes and stuffs but its not! 

Thanks so much for taking the effort to write it! You have no idea how much it made my day! Yea, i clearly missed those days, the fun (making fun of Mr. Ng ) and the hardship ( especially with Mrs. Tan ) that we had together. 

I know this sounds corny but remember Bartley's motto? 'Be the best that we can be'. Its okay if you don't want to be a teacher anymore or you want to be a feminist for your entire life. In the end, you're still Sophie =) You can achieved anything you want to, just believe it =)

And thanks for the red thong, hahaha It breaks me into laughter. It is uber sexy ;) I see you soon at Jo's birthday yea =)

Here's a sexy kiss for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"So much present inside my present.
 Inside my present, so much past.
 Inside my present, inside my past.
 Inside my present."

 Feist, Past In Present

1 comment:

sophiewoohoo said...

YEAH I TEACH THERE I SHOULD KNOW RIGHT hahaha yeah i miss you lots and im glad you loved the thong. its a CNY present HAHAH its red mah.

i love you always. muacks