Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Wake Me Up

Its so quiet over here at Marina Square and since no one is really walking into 'Nicholas', i went over to youtube to watch some live performance by Bjork.

Seeing her always make me feel energetic again. Its like having craziness swirling into your brain.

I don't want to just be in here. 

I want to wail and shout as i pleased.

I want to press my mouth to a stranger's ear and whisper heavily.

Or bite my tongue and get lots of ulcers.

Speaking of ulcer, i bit my ulcer a few day ago while eating.

And WWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, the pain send me flying into heaven and dropped me backed down to my seat again.

You know i'm going restless again.

"This is an alarm call,
 so wake up, wake up now.
 Today has never happened
 and it doesn't frighten me."

 Bjork, Alarm Call

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