Friday, February 6, 2009

Play Baby Play

Yesterday was like massively tiring and draining. Me, Miffra and Matt went over to Glenn's house to finish up 3D hat project overnight which is kinda fun until it has to do with grade.

Anyway, i really have fun doing it with you guys and observed how we get crankier as the seconds 'tick-tock' by.

In the end, my lovely 'hat' which was supposed to look fierce was being labelled as cute. And it doesn't help that when we got to school, all of us were told to parade around the school wearing the 'lovely' hat.

Jeez, maybe i should just make a giant hat embellished with two visible words, 'F*** 3D'

Now, that doesn't sounds like a bad idea.

Isn't it?

Now, doesn't Ash looked adorable with that child-like expression? 

I'm getting random but... Oh Ash~

"But doesn't it get lonely?
 Riding up there to the sun,
 on a single raft for one,
 don't you wish for someone?"

 Laura Veirs, Where Gravity Is Dead.

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sophiewoohoo said...

HE looks orgasmic HAHAHAHA. sexy stuff (wiggles eyebrows)