Monday, February 2, 2009


I just got back from Jakarta in the evening. I'm so deadbeat. Aching back and sore feet. 

Yet, i'm still awake doing my IS stuffs.

We were told to choose a topic about anything.

Really. Anything. Even if its about your neighbor's dirty underwear or Michelle Obama's choice of dress.

But i'm not going to any of those. I'm going for skinny boys. 

And now, i'm wondering why i'm doing this because it is not graded.

Freedom. Yes, it was the freedom to do anything i want that tempted me so much. Even if i show my lecturers two naked skinny boys wrestling an ox, they wouldn't send me out of the class or anything. ( I guess they'd be disturbed by it instead)

They are so many things to be done and i've wasted it by going back to my hometown and Jakarta. If only i could turn back time. But i'll watch myself making the same decision again.

By Hedi Slimane.

"You're trying too hard.
 Give yourself in.
 You're trying too hard"

 Bjork, Undo

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