Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Look out!

This week has been pretty crazy, especially the workload that i get from school. 

100% of madness. Sweet. I'll definitely have so much fun and knock myself out. HA

So while i was researching on artist on my next project, i chanced upon book illustrator, Janet and Anne Grahame Johnstone. 

I realised that backstabbing among girls have already begun way back then in those time. ( You know those time? )

This is a tale about how a fairy tale isn't about sugar, spice and everything nice.

"Hi Mr perverted-probably-paedophile-yet-willing-to-eat-my-saggy-wrinkly-grandma wolf, i found a couple, a few miles away hanky-pankying in the woods." , said the love-to-ride riding hood innocently.

"Alright, i'll check them out. ( Of course, i'll come back for you once i ate them )" , replied the wolf sternly.

"Ah-ha, take that Hansel & Gretel! That's what you get for telling everyone that i'm a bullimic. Now i just need to wait for the news of your death splashed across the headline tomorrow." , she laughed excitedly and went to find a place to vomit the Croissant that she had this morning.

"Is it me or something bad is really gonna happened?" Hansel mumbled to herself.

Alright, those are just made up story. But really, do check out their works, its really amazing.

"Woah! Look out!
 Look what she came for.
 Look what she came for.
 No question, no doubt."

 Franz Ferdinand, What She Came For


miffra said...

haha! what a story you made up!

Juju said...

Haha, of course!