Sunday, February 8, 2009

Plight One's Troth

Plight One's Troth

Its easier to pretend.
Trying to mask it.
My intention isn't pure.
A need to be fulfilled.
I'm going along with it.

'cause he is innocent.
What i'm doing is wrong.
No longer sane.
There's no need to be.

The moth is running out of time.
Light is pulling its life.
Taking over the reaper.
The desires are inviting.
Not the time to plight one's troth.

No longer sane.
Sane. Sane. Insane.
There's no need to be.
Destination is fixed.

Julius Kensan
( Sentimental Freak )

"Oh God, now when is the time for me?
 When will you see me through?
 Oh God, my mind is eating my heart out.
 Oh God, my heart is beating my mind up."

 Ida Maria, See Me Through

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