Monday, February 9, 2009

Thirsty Forest

Have you guys read about the forest fires in Australia recently? Seriously, its heart-breaking. Not only it has claimed up to 166 lives ( excluding the poor animals ), it has also destroyed plenty of houses and animals' habitat.

Police suspect that arsonists were behind it. Seriously, i think those arsonists are really big meanies! Have they ever thought of the consequences? Since the temperature is soaring over at 47 C ( That's like being in a giant oven ) in Australia, they should have know better! Plus the fire is traveling as fast as wind! Can you imagine that? It'll outrun me like totally. ( And some of my friends as well, i know who they are )

But tales of survival are extraordinary. A mother sheltered her children in a wombat burrow, a man took refuge in his pool and two persons barely escaped by hiding in the drainage pipe. 

My heart went out to all those victims out there. I hope the situation will get better again. 

"Now the raging of the forest fires end
 and all the mammals fled.
 I smell in the charred darkness.
 A little green, a little red."

 Laura Veirs, Drink Deep

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