Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Be Be My Pets

I was raving on how i wanted to get pets especially two dogs and two cats in my previous post.

I have actually planned on what breed of cats and dogs that i want to get when i can afford them. During my secondary school days, i would go to Popular bookstore after lesson and went straight into the pet section. Then, i would pick up books that contain a whole range of dogs and cats and do my research there.

Right from their appearance, behavior and to the type of common diseases they'd get. So after countless time of questioning myself, i've chose Siberian husky and Papillon for my pet dog and Egyptian Mau and Balinese as my pet cat ( as in, in the future )

I know Siberian Husky is pretty common and loved by most of the pet owners but i just simply can't resist them. They're blessed with this natural biological cuteness that never fails to make me go 'aaaww'. Well, Papillon is actually a no brainer choice for me, i love its elegant look and its fiercely loyal =)

The left picture is an Egyptian Mau. I was so captivated by it ever since i saw one in the movie, Catwoman by Halle Berry. There's just something mysterious about this particular breed of cat ( Well, cats are often mysterious anyway ) They are very affectionate and gentle, not to mention cuddly =)

And the right picture is a Balinese. It was called Balinese due to the fact that they have the elegance of a Balinese dancer. They are part of the Siamese cat family. I love it because of its slim and lithe body, plus they are very friendly and loves companion.

Just like me, hahaha =p

"When the cats and dogs are falling,
 i'm recalling you.
 You said i'd be bored today
 and i don't know what i want to do."

 The Cardigans, Pooh Song.

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