Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I love you, Ma!

My mum came over on monday to drop me a visit. Just when i thought i have got over my homesickness, the sight of her face brought it back once again. 

Then we went to get my Macbook because my previous Acer desktop has already spoilt. Thanks Mum! 

It is not easy to be away from your family for such a long time. I somehow lost the connection and lost what they are into these days. That's what happened on monday, me and my mum were quiet most of the time, yet deep inside we were struggling to connect and share. I tried to slow down my foot steps since her feet hurt from the heels and she tried her best to catch up with my pace.

Anyway, thank God we started to loosen up during the dinner and began to talk a little bit more. Yet the time spent was cut short as my mum has to leave for the next day.

A week ago, i switched my skin care products to Kiehl and it was good! My skin really feels clean without over drying or anything. I'll probably go back for more products next month =)

Plus, i got myself a new haircut too, =p actually i was planning to show it personally rather than posting it here but here you go.

Anyway, i just want to thank God for the blessings even though i have been rebellious and have not been behaving =T

"Life is not a bed of roses.
 Even if it is, it's full of thorns."

 Julius Kensan

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