Monday, December 15, 2008


Last night, i dreamt of beloved Bjork! YAY I guess its because i've been listening to 'Unison' the whole time last night. She's right, we should 'unite tonight'.

In the dream, i shouted for her name and she threw her arms to hug me. She gave me two pecks on my cheek and even allow me to kiss her on her lips! Well, i hope i could get some of her talents from that kiss =)

Now, i have no doubts on what album i'm going to buy next month when i get my pay.

Today was fairly busy at work. Looks like i have other things to do other than taking pictures in my workplace, haha =p

"I find
 an accurate copy,
 a blueprint,
 of the pleasure in me."

 Bjork, Pagan poetry

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