Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Catch Bolt if You Can

Finally, i went to catch Bolt today with Bobo at the Cathay.

The show was entertaining though nothing to shout about. In my opinion, its way behind Finding Nemo or Shrek. Still, i do have good time over the movie. The spotlight clearly belongs to the cat, Mitten and the hamster, Rhino because of their catchy phrases and funny moves whereas Bolt himself was pretty bland.

It makes me want to own pets too, but not now. I still can't afford to get and take care of pets. i would love to have two dogs and two cats preferably pure breeds =)

Anyway, i don't have to turn up for work until this Saturday. I kind of not getting used to it because i'm used to preparing myself to gear up for next day's work. Now, i felt weird when i can sleep and wake up a little later than usual.

Oh well, human...

"Let's unite tonight,
 we shouldn't fight.
 Embrace you tight,
 let's unite tonight."

 Bjork, Unison.

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