Friday, December 12, 2008

I want to go home.

I hate to admit this.

That i'm lonely.

I've always love the time spent alone. The time where i'm able to mull over stuffs.

However, too much time alone is damaging. Its creeping into my mind, making me a paranoid homie. Its forcing me to think that everything will return to the same way that it used to be again.

I'm such a fool back then, to think that i don't need anyone but myself and that i can do anything by myself as long as i believe. Now, i should laugh at my stupid theory.

I need a little hug.
I need a shoulder to lean on.
I need to protect.
I need the connection.
I need to smile.
I need... some love?

Stupid, me.

"I'm a drug, you don't want to give up.
 Smoke your cigarette, make your love."

 Rachael Yamagata, Sunday Afternoon.

1 comment:

Bobo said...

aww, don't feel that way. you could talk to me :D