Sunday, December 28, 2008

Watch Me.

It has been a relaxing Monday today like doing nothing at home, searching for next month hairstyle that i want to get, listening to music and blogging as usual.

Next month or should i say next year, will be exciting one. Piles of homework waiting to fall onto my lap and the thrill of reunion dinner on Chinese New Year. 

I know Christmas is like so many days ago and Santa is probably resting his sore butt and swollen feet for delivering unbelievable amount of presents around the world. However, would you be so kind to send a Calvin Klein minimalist men watch to me?

To make it easier for your elves to prepare it, i've included the picture here and the watch costs US$330. Since US dollar is weakening now and i've heard you've been investing on the strong Japanese Yen, it shouldn't be a problem on your fat wallet.

I can assure you that it wouldn't be a waste of time because it will look Oh-so-good on me. Seriously. So do send it to me when you're ready, this time round you can take your time.

By the way, to make thing easier for you since we don't have chimney over here in Singapore; wrapped the gift in a hard metallic case and throw it into my window.

Don't worry Santa, i'll clean up the mess and you won't be accused of being naughty ;)

"Think of all the fun i've missed.
 Think of all the fellas i haven't kiss.
 Next year i could be just as good,
 if you'll check off my Christmas list."

 Eartha Kitt, Santa Baby

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hadi said...

I want this badlyyyyyyy