Saturday, December 6, 2008

We're made of dreams?

I'm kind of lazy to write anything here except for the fact that i was FINED for JAYWALKING!

Oh well, every indonesian is born to jaywalk so i guess $20 fine is not as bad as Daion's $200 fine, haha.

Anyway, A.I.A night has been fun, though it take quite sometime for me to loosen up.

Thanks guys, the two of you are like two in the millions who can stand my irritable temper, eccentric behaviour, unneccessary wailings, consistent whining and gag-inducing questions.

A few nights ago, i dreamt that i actually murdered someone.

I can't remember whether i was instructed or forced to do it but i know i was definitely filled with anger. Worse, it was on his wedding day. I carried an axe in my hand, went in front of him and gave him two slashes on his face. I can't see who is it though.

The next thing i know, i was told to murder two more guys and both happened to be on their wedding days as well. I ran away this time round, after realising that i have actually taken someone else lifes.

"I follow with my eyes 'til they crash,
i wonder what my body would sound like,
slamming against those rocks."

Bjork, Hyper Ballad

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sophiewoohoo said...

oh well, you should look up what it means:):)