Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Drink up the irony

My mum was supposed to come over yesterday on Monday to visit me and yet she couldn't make it due to some reasons. Worse, she didn't even inform me or give me a call regarding the cancellation.

Then, she smsed me the night after i found out that she's not coming. She told me to rush out of the house and look at the sky. She said there were two stars above the sickle-shaped moon and it looked like a smiling face. I rushed out and saw nothing. 

Well, let's just say that we're gazing at different sky even we're under the same one. Maybe, she said that to cheer me up? Still, i wish i could see the same splendor that my mum saw.

Oh well, i can't really complain about it since i have nothing to do or any appointments anyway. I was so bored at home, just pacing back and forth, refilling my glass with water and staring at the ceiling until the image got blurred.

Two of my close friends were busy with work and dance routines. I didn't dare to bother the rest too, knowing they have some agendas going on. HOWEVER, i'm looking forward to A.I.A outing this thursday and another outing with my Lasalle chimps next week to Salvation Army. YAY. 

Actually, i was supposed to get my salary by tomorrow 2 p.m, but my fellow 'nice' colleague forgot to bank it in yesterday and now i'll have to wait until thursday. Now, i can't even top up my SIM card which has been valuing at $0.00 for the past week.

It's funny on how you've only been in my life for such an incredibly short period of time and managed to done so many damages to me. Just when i thought it was safe to open my door, you came in as a saint and took everything away. I don't blame you though, i was just to stupid enough to believe. Believing everything will go my way. 

There's only one wish from me, that is you'll at least keep me in your memory. And i'll keep you in mine too, safely tuck in a corner of my heart.

"Baby says i can't come with him.
 And i have read all of this in his eyes,
 long before he even said so.
 'Why go?' I asked."

 Rachael Yamagata, Quiet

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