Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mr. Snowman

Christmas is just around the corner, two more weeks to be exact. I have been naughty and nice, Santa must have been having a tough time. But, its alright Santa, be it naughty or nice, i'll still take the title anyway =)

I'll be alone this Christmas, since everyone has their own plans and i'm working on that day itself. I guess its a good time to be alone and wish the Lord 'Happy Birthday'. He might even drop me a visit ( I wish! )

Daion will definitely spending it with that person even though he'll hate to admit it, haha and Steph will probably spend it with her brothers ( You should, Steph ).

How i wish it is snowing down here, so i can build my own snowman and call it Frosty. Then we can sit outside under the snow as the day pass by.

Mr. Snowman

Its coming on Christmas.
Built out of warmth,
left outside alone,
forced to fake a smile,
coldness sank into heart.

Oh, Mr. Snowman,
i'll stay put with you
whole night.
I'll show you how summer feels,
we're loathed by warmth.

Don't shed any tear,
it'll be lost among the snow.
Though winter is full of mercy,
the spring is punishing.
Our beauties will be reduced
into nothing.

Oh, Mr. Snowman.
Let's hide underground.
We'll dream of waves
and busy footsteps up
the ground.

Dear Mr. Snowman.
The things we freely give,
the Celcius stole.

Julius Kensan
( Sentimental Freak )

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