Friday, December 12, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

I heart you guys!

I miss them so much!!! Marie, Jo and Sophie in above pic, Amelia was somewhere around. They are the reasons why my secondary life was so exciting. Ever since we completed 'O' level, we rarely see each other due to our school timetable. BUT, when we do, it is always a crazy one. 

I totally miss spending overnight at Amelia's house with the rest of the girls.

Marie!! I want to hear your jokes badly, haha. The funniest girl on earth ( Yes, i'm bias ) and she has the talents ;)

I miss you Amelia a.k.a Xiao Zhu, the introvert who is pack with a punch and powerful lungs, hahaha You know what i mean.

Jo! My sunshine girl, i miss your charming smile =)

And not forgetting Sophie, i can't find your best pic, haha. But you know i care a lot for you right? She's neurotic all the time like Woody Allen and i'm probably the only guy in the world who can stand her, hahaha.

I'll see you girls soon yea


"I put some new shoes on
 and suddenly everything's right.
 i put some new shoes on
 and everybody's smiling."

 Paolo Nutini, New Shoes

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sophiewoohoo said...

AHAHAHA its ok if you cant find my picture. thanks hon. I LOVE YOU TOO YOU KNOW. and i read the post about u being lonely and i totally relate. sigh i feel lonely too, sometimes i think i need a boy, and at other times, i think i dont need anyone. i am a fickle bitch HAHA. but yeah, i don't really understand what i need. HAHAHAA. i love you anyway! u know i care! i'm trying to clear up a week so we can hang out.