Saturday, December 20, 2008

Out of My Way

I think i'm getting neurotic and impatient these days ( or at least yesterday )

Yesterday ended pretty rough. Urghh.

A caucasian lady came into the boutique in a hurry and asked for a size 4 straight cut pants. The problem is, it has been sold out. 

She was like, "Oh~ Come on. I have the money right now, i'll buy it immediately if you were to get me the size 4."

Excuse me, i should be the one who say "Come On!" It seems that she don't understand english at all. I've explained to her for so many times and she still asked for it. Its not like i'm hiding that pathetic pants in the storeroom, unwilling to sell it to her.

Then, she grabbed a whole lot of dresses and wanted to try it on. She was so impatient that she even came out of the fitting room with only her bra and 'cute' underwear.

Jeeper creepers, can i just say? Lady, you're not Adriana Lima, so please shed some pounds. While you're at that, i can even offer you some tips. Pfff.

Plus, there were two teenagers who came in with their parents. While their parents were browsing the clothes, they were happily snapping pictures inside the fitting room. Excuse me, the two of you, its called the Fitting Room, not 'Photograph-Me Room'. ( I guess they don't understand english as well, darn. )

Apparently, shameless people are around due to the lack of mirrors in their house was true. =T

Anyway, is it just me or Singapore is getting crowded? While i was on my way home, there are so many people around blocking my way; in the mall, on the escalator, in the underpass link and inside MRT station as well.

If i'm as anointed as Moses is, i'd love to part the sea of people or simply just chase everyone away. They can sway out of control in the bus 'jerk-stop' motion while i enjoy my peace in the train.

Actually, you know what, i shouldn't complain so much about this. I've been through worst.

Then again, Sunday started out rough as well. Urggh.

"When i come to the club, step aside.
 Part the sea, Don't be having me in the line.
 VIP, 'cause you know i gotta shine."

 Fergie, london bridge.

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