Saturday, December 27, 2008

Don't stop my craving

I don't know what's wrong with me these days.

I get hungry so often and craving for so many foods. It makes me can't wait to go back to Indonesia and eat all the food i want ( Literally, all )

Like i could have my lunch now and feel hungry two hours later ( That hasn't happened since my Secondary school days ). Sure it is a good thing, since i'm in serious need of gaining some weights. However, i don't know why but sometimes i feel fat. Its funny *smoothing down my tiny waist with both hands* since i'm not anorexic. Nope, an anorexia won't even eat at all.

However, its kind of costly if i were to buy food in every two, three hours or so intermittently. I'd go broke a week after i get my salary. Plus, i'm too healthy conscious. I wish i could just shut my conscious up and ignore that fact that i didn't have any vegetables for the day.

Last night, i had a uncontrollable urge to have burger. So i went to MacDonald. Where else can i get burger at 11 p.m anyway?

So take that my healthy conscious mind! A spicy chicken burger, with fries and coke. Upsized! *Evil laughter*

"Hey, let's kick it.
 Stop, just lick it.
 Let you start it,
 'cause 'cause it's so easy."

 The Sounds, Tony The Beat

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