Friday, May 29, 2009

Big Time Sensuality

Ph: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

Oh my God!! I can't remember the last time Bjork appear on a magazine cover. This recent cover shot by famous fashion photographer cum fashion darlings, Inez and Vinoodh sure know how to work their way into Bjork's fans ecstasy.

I love how Bjork pulled back her arm and yet managed to look relax. Plus the quirky artwork, this could pass of as her next CD cover, don't you think?

"I can sense it.
 Something important
 is about to happen.
 Its coming up."

 Bjork, Big Time Sensuality.


sophiewoohoo said...

SHE NEVER FAILS TO BE GORGEOUS JULIE. BJORK ALWAYS is hot. hahaha even when she's dressed in cowbells in her video for "who is it?"

Juju said...

I know right. But seriously Sophie, your obsession with Mr. Molko is starting to creep me out

sophiewoohoo said...

haha its just for now. in lieu of the new album. i guess itll wear off sooner or later. and plus ive stopped working, am bumming at home so i have nothing better to do!