Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bubblegum from China, anyone?

When i was young, my mum would bring me with my brothers to visit her friends. Then when we arrived at the place, my mum would say something like "I was just around the neighbourhood, so thought about dropping by to see you." Sure, when our house was like just few metres away and my mum was just probably bored because dad was away playing badminton with his buddies.

Then my mum and her friend will start to brag about their own child. About how good they are and when they ran out of good point, they'll even use our weaknesses and turned it into something good, something which seems to make them proud.

Like for instance, my mum will tell her friend how sensitive and allergic i am to the dust in the air and pollution that i suffered from a mild asthma which caused her a dent in her pocket because she'll often bring me to see a specialist in Singapore.

That made me thought that having mild asthma was good because she looked so damn proud as if i'd just execute an aerial twist in front of them. So i didn't take my medication as often as i should. In the end, my mum would give me a good scolding, telling me it is very expensive to pay for those medication and that she didn't pay the specialist so that i wouldn't get better.

I spent my adolescent years growing up thinking, 'Why Ma?'

I guess that's why some people i know were so proud of themselves when they were recounting of what allergies they have because we're sort of brought up that way. Heck, they even wear it on their sleeves. I mean, what is so good about having allergy to, say, seafoods? Those people have definitely missed out a lot in life and yet they're still proud of it. 

Oh yeah? Well, i'm sort of allergic to that bullcrap as well.

But, of course not to say that having allergy is really that bad. Its pretty useful to, in terms of conversation starter or saving yourself from a grave matter. 

Yep, i used that excuse or should i say, i lied using that excuse. I was in a very very bad circumstances because i would have got sexually assaulted. It was a few years ago, in one faithful day, a middle aged guy came over and ask for direction. After that, he placed his arms on my shoulders, started groping and offered me pills from a bottle. I'm like keep your hands of my limited edition T-shirt from 'kswjfkdnfineifdf'.

He claimed that it was just bubblegum from China. Oh~ how creative Mr. lonely-perverted-pathetic-bulging belly-old man. Bubblegum from a bottle? I just told him that i'm allergic to bubblegum and walked away.

You know, i do hope that he's allergic to pets because he would spent his whole life really really lonely and pathetic without any companion. Me cruel? Oh no. Have some pity for the animals as well. You wouldn't want them to get assaulted too, would you?

"I'm not cruel,
 but that's what you see.
 Club to club.
 Come see this city with me."

 Crystal Castles, Vanished.


santono said...

is he the guy who ask u to board his bike? haha

Juju said...

Yea, haha oh well to keep the story short =)