Sunday, May 10, 2009

Leave Me Alone

Past week has been weird. It's like i'm having my second puberty again. I've been eating non-stop; five big meals a day. Not that its not a good thing, i'm in need of putting on some weight. But, who am i kidding? All of the food that i ate will be stored in what? The tip of my toe? Plus, it has taken a toll on my allowance as well.

Holiday supposed to be a relaxing moment for me, instead i'm uptight all the time. My sleeping hours are lost in the space and how am i able to sleep well anyway? Since there has been thunderstorm, or should i say THUNDERstorm during the dawn for the past few days. I've been losing my self-esteem and now i can feel my appetite starting to decrease in size along with my need to talk.

I just want to isolate myself for a little bit more. Encase myself in my own capsule. Write a few poems, avoid the stares of others and sleep with blanket pull up to my chin. 

Ph: Hedi Slimane

"Dry and dusty,
 i am a capsule of energy.
 You speak softly,
 we are capsule of energy."

 Fever Ray, Dry And Dusty.

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