Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You're just one stomach flu away from your goal weight.

A year ago, i would have jump on a buffet spree whenever someone told me that i'm skinny. But, when i come to think of it now, who cares? 

I don't blame them though, its definitely easier to tell someone that he/she is skinny instead of fat. And i think, they're probably just jealous.

Ph: Jak&Jil

So imagine my ecstasy when i saw this picture from Jak&Jil. That slim silhouette and long legs which were brought to perfection with the perfect boots and effortless gait;There's definitely nothing wrong in being skinny. Even Karl Lagerfeld has to slim down to fit into outfits from Dior Homme. 

With the ever shrinking silhouette in the current seasons of womenswear and menswear where most of the pieces are focused on the waist and legs, there is only one and sure way to look good.

Be thin.

"Stands outside my window.
 Sucking on the berries and
 eats us out of house and home.
 Keeping us awake."

 Fever Ray, Triangle Walks.

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