Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stars In My Eyes

I went to catch Star Trek on my own tonight and to my surprise, i found it pretty entertaining.

Speaking of watching movie alone, i don't see what is wrong with that. The counter girl looked at me when i said 'Ticket for one' with a face that says 'Get out of here' while trying hard not to give me a pathetic look. Watching movie and dinner alone are something that i always indulge in whenever i have the time (and money).  Its kind of therapeutic for me actually, to make some time for myself.

Anyway, lets shift the attention to the movie itself. Sci-fi movie like this, is hardly my cup of tea because i hate it when the actors start to say a series of theories and formulas of physics. I'm more of a 'biology' person, you see. However, i felt that the director, J.J Abrams did a good job directing it because from what i heard, the previous in the past aren't that well received. At first, i was a little worried for Chris Pine because i thought he wouldn't have the acting chop to be the lead actor in the movie. In the end, i took back my words because he carried it very well.

In addition, the whole Computer Generated Image effects are very believable, which is a feat because with such an advance technologies these days, most of the effects we used to see on the screen are pretty much 'soul-less'. 

However, one word of precaution. Be prepared to sit beside a hardcore fan of Star Trek because they are so enthusiastic about it that i bet they will not mind to be an extra in the movie that last for less than a second. The guy that sat beside me always complete Captain James Kirk's (Chris Pine) sentence before he does and it annoyed me A LOT. Halfway through the movie, he would start to get very excited and explained about the plot to his friend. Thank God he's with a friend, if not i bet he'll be itching to turn to me instead.

I have an idea. Why not set up a rule where the die-hard fans of the movie must be seated by themselves in an isolated cinema instead? This way, they'll be able to talk as much as they want and throw popcorn at the villains that they hated so much. By this, i meant the fans of Harry Potter, the X-Men franchise, Star Wars and even Twilight too.

"Come right over,
 I'll knock on your shoulder.
 This is a story
 and this is what i've planned."

 The Knife, Neverland.

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