Thursday, May 7, 2009

Either You're In Or Out.

In case you don't know, this year Costume Institute Gala -an extremely popular, if exclusive event in the fashion world- has got everyone going quite literally, gaga. (Which reminded me to thank God that Lady Gaga didn't attend the show because we don't need to see her gracing the red carpet event with her giant tea cup or nude bodysuit.)

So i'm just itching to list out, in my opinion, the five best dressed and the five worst dressed of the night before it became stale, because in fashion world everything passed by so quickly like the speed of the hurricane Katrina. 

Five Best Dressed:

Agyness Deyn

You know, i hate to admit that Agyness Deyn actually looked stunning that night because i find her a little too over-rated. However, as you can see, she nailed it; the hair, the make-up and the accessories that accompanied the Burberry dress were perfect on her. 

Heidi Klum

In such event like this, anyone attending would have ditched the functional and dive straight into the most attention grabbing (and sometimes uncomfortable) pieces. Heidi, on the other hand, wore a dress from J. Mendel and at the same time perfectly covered the baby bump on her tummy. Now that's what i call planning ahead.

Sasha Pivovarova

My friends knew that i love Sasha, so this opinion might be a little biased. But hey, if she could make a dramatic statement with that body-con Giambattista Valli mini complete with a beautiful cascading peacock cape, she's definitely one of the best dressed of the night.

Lou Doillon

In my opinion, anyone who wore Nina Ricci to the event should be on the best dressed list. And Lou Doillon is one of them, 'nuff said.

Shalom Harlow

I know, those of you who are not 'fashion educated' out there (if i may be a little harsh) will go "WTF Dude?" complete with that typical low, couch-sitting American guy voice. Or you guys might even joke about her wearing a sewn on rubbish bag dress. But, can't you see? She totally stop the traffic with the dress (a billowing black taffeta domino by Bob Mackie over a black and beaded Nina Ricci catsuit) and not overwhelmed by it. That's what got me sit up and excited. And that's also why such dress like that are not meant for mere mortals like us, not even for  madonna who can't save herself with a much more wearable outfit. (Read Below)

Five Worst Dressed:


Looks like this year is all about getting inspiration from Michael Jackson for Rihanna. Don't believe me? She was previously seen wearing a Balmain military jacket looking like a female version of MJ and now she attended the gala wearing Dolce & Gabbana  looking as if she has just stepped out from the set of Thriller. What's next? A nose job or a neverland mansion at your hometown, Barbados island?

Coco Rocha

Actually Coco looked alright, just disappointing. I like Coco a lot and felt that she could do so much better than that Isaac Mizrahi's toga dress.


When i first saw this picture, i thought it was Lindsay Lohan and forgave her for looking like this. Then, to my horror, it's Madonna! That outfit clearly should be worn by trashy celebrities like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears instead. Poor Madonna, she just doesn't want to admit that she's already 50 years old. And i would say poor Madonna again, because by dating hunky and sizzling brazilian model, Jesus Luz does not mean that you're still in the game; standing beside him just further emphasise that you're a 50 years old dating a guy in his 20s.

Kirsten Dunst

Dear Ms. Dunst, when would start to start to dress like your age?

Andre Leon Talley

ALT is the only guy in the list. He should be happy i guess, to make it in the list. Now, actually it was bad in a good way, because dressing in a such way is his specialty and it just adds on to his personality. However, it made me laughs since he kind of looked like a pastor who has a fetish for women shoes.

"I'm staring at the money
 that burns in my hand.
 I'm dancing for dollars
 and for a fancy man."

 The Knife, Neverland

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HUAHAHAHAHAHAHA... omg! madonna is really terrible! huahaha.. trying to act young and pedophile! ewwww...