Tuesday, May 5, 2009

That's What I'll Have.

Two nights ago, i was lying on my bed wide awake, slightly cold despite the blanket and unable to sleep. I was tossing around and creating scenario inside my mind if i were to be overslept and late for work and then arrived at my workplace only to realise that there is another person taking my place and said that i was fired for being late for the past few days.

So that's it. I went downstairs, sneaked into the kitchen and had some Umeshu (Japanese Ume fruit liqueur) which was actually belong to the landlord. But of course, i didn't have much, only less than a quarter of a glass because it will only take another quarter to knock me out and have me lying on the kitchen floor for the entire night. (Yes, i'm really can't hold my liquor well)

And that's what it took to have my blood rushed to my cheeks and cheered for victory. I actually found myself giggling and slightly tipsy (Don't ask me why). With that, i went to bed as happy as a child who thought that Santa Claus do exist.

However, i won't do it again. After all i'm stealing! I guess i just need to find a better way to cure the insomnia. Maybe a glass of warm milk next time. Or maybe i could add a few drops of Umeshu! I know, i know, i've promised not to steal Umeshu again.

Well, since John doesn't approve it anyway, haha. But of course, since he didn't know of the things i'd do when i'm drunk ;)

Ph: Hedi Slimane

"Only kiss me,
 if the light is right.
 we'll wait a while."

 The Concretes, Warm Night.

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