Friday, May 1, 2009

Its In The Chinese

For those of you who are not from Singapore, please bear for a while with me because i'm going to talk a little about something 'Singaporean'.

As most of us have know, there is this forum called Stomp in Singapore where you are able to post anything unusual or interesting thats happening around the island. However, most of the time, the things that they posted up are about the ugly behaviour of people in the public.

Sure, its good to raise some awareness but they have gotten a little bit to far at times. It has becoming like a platform where people judged and shamed others for what they've done. Its just too much to bear. For example, i don't need to know if bookshop is blasting loud music or teenagers these days are kissing in the public.

Seriously, why are they so nosey about those stuffs anyway? I'm sure those people who took those down are around working adults age group and i'm pretty sure that they're open-minded people; then why took those stuffs down as if they've been living in the cave for the past five years? 

Thats why we chinese are the best paparazzi in the world. Accuse me of being a stereotype if you want. I just feel that chinese are the most suitable for the job. Just look at those who are in Hong Kong. They are the best paparazzi in the world. Those in the US are not even close. They're so good that sometimes i think they must have been belong to a spy organisation and those pictures they took on celebrities are just extra commission that they earn along the way. Aww~ such an inquisitive group, don't you think? Yes, be very afraid of the nosey chinese.

Even my neighbours will be qualified to be one because they would like to know why this person living a few houses down the road has been home late often or stood around to snap pictures of fallen tree in the empty field. 

Sometimes, you just can't help but be proud of being a chinese.

"When i grow up,
 i want to be a forester,
 running through the moss 
 on high heels."

 Fever Ray, When I Grow Up.

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