Sunday, May 17, 2009

Don't Deny Me

Before you guys start scrolling down the page, i just have to warn you that it will be 'pictures overload'. While having some free time at work, i was thinking that its been months since i last took pictures and since i have done all the things i'm supposed to do and there's no crowd at all, i began to snap, snap, snap.

So why not have little fun with the camera in a sleepy afternoon? 

To not do this pose, would be so 'un-juju' of me.

Don't worry Boss, it will be months before i start snapping pictures in the workplace again.

"Baby, i can't stand it when you go to work.
 You never seem to know when to stop.
 I never know when you'll return.
 I'm in love with a robot."

 Royksopp, The Girl And The Robot.

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