Saturday, May 16, 2009

And they talked, and they danced.

It has just dawned to me that Mother's Day is almost a week ago. I didn't even give much thought to it; just reminding myself to not forget to sms my mum. In the end, one thing leads to another and i called her up.

Well, i just want to write over here of the things that i wouldn't be able to tell her face to face (or phone to phone). I love my mum and i think she's one of the strongest woman alive in the world. How else can you explain the ability in giving birth to five extremely stubborn and annoying sons yet able to be the second breadwinner in the family alongside with my Dad and take care of all of us at the same time?

In my opinion, my mum is a tough cookie. She along with my dad eats clueless and helpless business partner for breakfast and tends to her cellulite at night. Yet, at the end of the day, proved to be the most loving person on earth to me. 

Well, Father's day is coming next month. I just hope i'm able to call up my Dad just as i did for my mum.

Ph: Hedi Slimane

P.S I got it into the Fashon course! No interview needed or whatsoever. Amen to that.

"This must be it.
 Long for bliss.
 First it was so quiet.
 Now i know i'm not alone in here."

 Royksopp, This Must Be It.

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