Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blue, blue, black and blue.

So here i am, sitting at my workplace, watching people walk passed the shop carrying the wrong bags and horrible choice of colours. 

I do admit that i'm pretty bored, since there is not much to do (yet).  Now, its like so little things to do, so many times at hands. So i just tempered with my own blog to kill my time. In the end, i decided to change the template and place a big bold 'Just Ju' red letters on top. 

You see its not without purpose. 

When one day, you ended up bored like me. You can come over to my blog and stare hard at it for a couple of minutes and when you look away, you'll see purple blotches on your mum's face, your dog's butt or whoever that is close to you.

Here's an example:


"Oh~ You hit me,
 Yeah, you hit me really hard.
 Man, you hit me.
 Yeah, you hit me right in the heart."

 The Cardigans, And Then You Kissed Me 

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