Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mask Me

Myself, Tonight

Oh~ December,
hold on a lil' while more.
Only i know the reason why.
Dots appearing on the surface,
tearing my confidence apart.

Please, i can't see myself tonight.
Haunting me with all its might.
Please, i can't see myself tonight.
To kill myself, i just might.

One out of five,
i've received the worst.
I wish to smear the stars
right in your eyes.
To see how it will
only shine for me.
Camouflaging away
 all of my ugliness.

I can't see myself tonight.
In front the mirror,
i won't recognize.
So please i can't see myself tonight,
remembering how i look like
is the last thing on my mind.

Julius Kensan
( Sentimental Freak )

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